Reiki Classes offered in Prescott and Flagstaff Arizona

Classes are Board Certified and Accredited with AADP

Linda Evans

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Welcome to Our Web-site!

We are 

The Academy


Spiritual Healing Arts®

 We teach Reiki and other Spritual Healing courses in the

Prescott  Arizona area.


Spring/Summer/Fall 2016 Class and Event Schedule is Now Available

See "Class and Event Schedule" Tab for More Details

All Classes are 9 AM - 4 PM Unless Otherwise Specified



We are accredited and board certified with AADP.  Upon completion of our coursework, graduates are eligible to obtain certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (  The AADP is dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies and offers many professional benefits to assist members in establishing their practice. 

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 It appears that these spirits are Native Americans in Full Headdresses
Plus several colored orbs
This picture was taken just outside of Seligman, AZ by Linda Evans
 Our Accredited Academy is now offering a Master Spiritual Healing Degree.
Please see "Master Spiritual Healing Degree" tab to the left.
Medicine Wheel Event Nov. 17th, 2013  Swirling energy
above an offering to Mother Earth.

This photo shows what appears to be 3 votexes of energy coming from the Medicine Wheel.

October 23rd, 2015

My healing room/classroom in Chino Valley, AZ


Medicine Wheel at the Academy and resulting orbs after a ceremony


 December 22, 2012

Medicine Wheel at the Academy

This is the morning after the energy shift of 12/21/12.   This is perhaps the biggest miracle I have witnessed.  Here is a picture of the cloud formation after a group meditation about moving from dark to light. After being involved in this world wide meditation, from Peru, the clouds separated from dark to light, horizon to horizon or about 100 miles. 

Part of the staff at the Academy.

That is right!   5 angels!

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Please contact us for Usui Reiki Classes, Crystal Healing Classes, Chakra Balancing Classes, AKASH or Karuna-Ki Classes.  These modalities of energy healing will change your life!  They are Spiritual Healing Arts that assist you in acheiving self-empowerment


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